Stocking Tops

I don't think I'm a rarity in liking stockings, there is just something amazing sexy about them. Whether they are held up by magic or a suspender belt they are a special sight to most men.

Today I have been a very lucky guy.

I managed to see a very rare sight on my way to work, stocking tops. My ten minute walk takes me through a busy train station as well as past office building full of smartly dress women.

In the train station, I was in a book store looking for a new book. The store's front is open and the bookshelves look out directly to the main section of the station. At this time in the morning hundreds of people are heading to work, its packed. An exceptionally attractive, tall girl walks towards me, she has amazing blonde hair and a polka dot dress, it finishes just above the top of her knees. She stops all of a sudden about 3-4 metres from me, put her bag on the ground and starts to bend over at the waist.

At this point I was staring at her completely, luckily she didn't see me. I was staring but had no idea what she was doing, all around her people were hurriedly striding past. Then my glance followed the movement of her body, her hands were going to her shoes. A very impressive pair of back heels, laces on both shoes had come undone and she was bending over to do them up.

I hope you remember that I mentioned this girl was tall and with the heels as well images of Bambi came to mind. But she was amazingly elegant, slowly leaning down and then eventually having to bend slightly at the knee. At this point I have to admit I did the head tilt thing as her dress pull up her thigh. I think I was willing it with my mind, and it kept coming to the point where I could see the bare skin at the top of her stockings. An amazingly sexy sight, and a great way to start the day.

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