How to meet girls

So we'd all like to meet new people of the opposite sex, its just a lot of fun.

Heres a fantastic method I just stumbled onto by accident. Dance classes. No this doesn't have to be anything crazy like ballroom or ballet. I went for Jive / Lindy hop, its fun, energetic and looks great with a partner. I'm sure every city will have some sort of dance class and most of them don't require you to bring a partner.

My female friend and I went to our local class and it was great fun, we both got to dance with heaps of new people and since we were new everyone was extra friendly.

Its not only that people are friendly, but also that the people who tend to go for this type of thing tend to be quite confident, self assured people, which are the people I myself am attracted to. Wins all around for me, I'll be there again next week.

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